RSG’s ERW Geophysical Survey is carried out using magnetometers linked to a computer ensuring high quality data is collected and processed in a timely manner. RSG’s ERW experts carry out their analysis and provide a colour coded map showing anomalies and highly contaminated areas. A target investigation report is also provided showing the gross weight and depth of all anomalies located. Our rapid, cost effective geophysical survey is completely environmentally friendly.

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Large Area Geophysical Survey

RSG  prides itself in providing our clients with value for money, bespoke clearance packages. Our clients from the oil and gas sectors often have large areas of land which need to be surveyed to ensure they meet their corporate responsibilities. To survey large areas of land, it is sometimes better to build a trailer mounted system which can be done in-country. Our system employs a Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) to ensure accurate surveys are carried out, and our findings are computer recorded. Our system can be towed by a standard 4 x 4 vehicle and can survey approximately 50,000m² of land per day.

RSG ERW Intrusive Survey

Dependant on the height, angle, soil type and the weather conditions at the time the air dropped weapons (bombs) were dropped, will depend on the final resting depth below the surface. If it is calculated to be more than 6m below the surface, RSG recommends that an intrusive survey be conducted on areas of ground which will be dug or piled to the calculated depth (Threat depth). This procedure is carried out by our qualified experts and can be conducted anywhere in the world.

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