RSG Management has extensive experience in providing a full spectrum of composite protective security services

Maritime Security, convoy escort, personal security details, training, remote mobile and static guards and ancillary operations – in harsh areas, particularly in Afghanistan, Iraq and across the continent of Africa. Operating in both high and low threat areas, we can provide static and mobile protection to personnel, material and infrastructure. Our aim is to enable our clients to undertake their business in a secure environment, whilst mitigating concerns over the safety of their staff and security of their infrastructure and other assets.

We deliver intelligence and Protection by combining professional international experience with local knowledge, local staff, and local relationships working with Government Ministry’s and local Government in all locations worldwide.

RSG Client Services include the following

  • Maritime Security
  •  Training is provided by chosen associates with proven industry specific training
  •  High Profile PSD
  •  Low Profile PSD
  •  Convoy Support Services
  •  Static and Mobile guards
  •  Residential Security
  •  Front Line Medical Trauma Support for Clients
  •  Intelligence Distribution
  •  Pre-deployment training for executives and staff – in-country and the Client HQ worldwide
  •  Secure airport pick-up/drop-off
  •  Security and Threat briefings – daily intelligence reports
  •  Security and Threat briefings – daily intelligence reports
  •  Secure accommodation and workspace
  •  Conference facilities
  •  Security teams with considerable provincial knowledge and key contacts
  •  Plan, Coordinate and conduct security operations in accordance with client requirements
  •  Construction of life support camps
  •  Full logistical support at all RSG locations, including vehicle maintenance
  •  Operational Management of 24/7 operations control centres situated in strategic locations (monitoring, surveillance, response)
  •  Client dedicated project liaison officers worldwide
  •  Communications and IT services – satellite, radio, internet
  •  Project/task management and accountability
  •  Local National staff recruitment, vetting and payroll management
  •  Security and analytical support – daily intelligence and threat reporting
  •  Quick reaction force – emergency response team (QRF)
  •  Local Knowledge