RSG staff and our associates have provided protection for corporate leaders and their workforce, from Dignitaries, Politicians, United Nations, and Royal families and diplomats.

Our belief is that the best executive/personnel protection is based on advance preparations and planning, timely information, liaison with local authorities, and the use of highly trained professionals.

Executive protection or close protection should never be mistaken for body guarding. Effective close protection is seldom seen but should be ever-present, and our Close Protection Team’s would have done its homework on venue risk, transportation routes, itinerary integrity, and is not easily flustered due to changes. The principal (protected person/s) should also be considered as to style and needs.

Due Diligence on companies or entities is more than just mere compilation of facts and data. It is the careful gathering, collation, analysis, and presentation of information that is accurate, timely, and of use to our clients. Any Information, in itself, is useless, if it is not relevant and presented to address the questions or concerns of our clients.

The RSG approach treats due diligence with seriousness of purpose, because we realize that important business decisions that may affect our clients are made partly or wholly based on the information that we purvey. That is why it is key for us to do it right the first time. Here is what we do to ensure that our due diligence hits the metrics for our clients.

Intelligence Gathering

RSG utilises a number of differing sources for its intelligence gathering in order to provide accurate and up to date information for inclusion in assessments and thematic briefs used for both internal and client use. Our inhouse intelligence contractor is a former member of the British Security Services and a proven source of relevent, project specific information.

Our associated operations control centres receive electronic unclassified military SPOT reports for significant activities, changes in route status, areas to avoid and other such intelligence in order to provide teams/clients with the most up to date and immediate information possible.

Elements within RSG also utilise open source intelligence, (OSINT) from various organisations and media, such as well respected organisations such as RUSI, CSIS and the Brookings Institute to further formulate a thematic understanding of current trends in order to provide a complete conceptual overview at the strategic level. Where RSG takes particular pride in its intelligence gathering is from within its own staff and contacts.

From 2004, RSG’s management had agreeed to incorporate local nationals within every aspect of its staffing structure which has enabled us to receive effective human intelligence (HUMINT) and further our understanding of the local areas, political undercurrents, criminal and insurgent elements and militias. Indeed staff RSG have been recognised by a number of military and government agencies that have in the past utilised our network of HUMINT in order to embellish their own analysis and intelligence gathering

Our highly experienced operations managers and watch-keepers, are trained to take all information gathered from the above sources to provide bespoke up to date, succinct reports and briefs as and when required, which are unrivalled anywhere within the private security sector.