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The independent report from Lyonsdown for the Sunday Telegraph this month focused on, amongst other business topics, the oil and gas exploration industry ” setting up shop ” in sub – Saharan Africa.

Whilst not new news there were interesting observations made. BP suggest that by 2035 Africa’s energy production will grow by 47% and expect oil supply to account for 10% of all supply globally and gas 9%. Whilst readers will be familiar with Nigeria and Angola’s thriving oil industry, the discoveries afoot are across the African continent in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Tanzania and South Sudan. It’s not only here as further south exploration and discoveries are materialising in Burundi, Rwanda and on the DRC side of Lake Victoria.

With activity prevalent in some territories, in others it’s in its early stages. Not only are regulatory issues hurdles to overcome, the neglected infrastructure in many countries make progress challenging. In certain countries it’s a “starting from scratch ” situation. With roads, railways, electricity systems and ports in poor shape the need for investment, expertise and joined-up action is much needed.

So, with the above as the backdrop we pose a simple question – ” If you are involved with the oil and gas supply chain and are considering projects in sub – Saharan Africa, would you rather embark on your activities with or without the assistance of an experienced back up team ? ”

RSG-UK has been actively instructed on land in the African continent and at sea ( both west coast and east off Africa ) since 2004. Before that date, our CEO had served in both military and civilian ( professional services ) capacities along with many of the company’s senior management and personnel in numerous countries on the African continent.

The answer to the above question is simple. Many PMSC operators claim to have the know-how. It’s only gained, in our opinion, by being on the ground. Each country noted in the Lyonsdown report as a new African country with potential has been visited by RSG-UK personnel. Knowledge gives advantage, so if you’re seeking real advantage in sub – Saharan Africa:

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